Kentucky Derby Red Velvet Cake

Love, love, love a red velvet cake for a Kentucky Derby party that would carry through the red of the Run for the Roses theme to the party. When exploring Pinterest, (don't you just love it!), I found this beautiful red velvet cake with a gold horse on the top. I clicked every link and couldn't find the correct source for this creation (if you have it, please let me know.)  For the horse topper, you could find a plastic horse the size you need for your cake and spray paint it gold. (Check that the painted piece is food-safe to sit on your frosting.) 

Kentucky Derby Red Velvet Cake | DerbyMe.com

Then, I fell in  love with frosting of white roses on a red velvet cake  from CaseyCooks.com, but thought there was no way ever I could make these roses.  

Kentucky Derby Red Velvet Cake | DerbyMe.com

Much to my delight, Casey included a video on how to make these roses. After watching it, I think I could actually make them and hopefully as beautiful as these cakes.

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